Sunday, May 27, 2018

Gagaros Greece

We like fame, power, sex and money (not all of us in that order).

Join us.


Thanks to gay men from the US and the Arab world for responding to the "Want Sex Come to Greece" marketing campaign. 

Greece welcomes you. 

As an Athens College mate once pontificated, "Homosexual Men are simply Men who like (sexually) other men". 

Please note though that both he and I were and still are hetero. But Gagaroi.

Gagaros means "real Athenian".

My reply to reps of banking institutions contacting me re giving me a loan

I am open too as long as you have a policy of not asking me to prepay your handling fee before I receive the loan.

I am an MBA and I have numerous flats in Greece as collateral for the small loan I may need.


Adapt and use this macro too if you wish.

Copyright, May 2018, Nick Panayotopoulos
MIT '85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD '90
AFM Tax Number: 026061230

(AFM will be the single ID number in my Greece, Europe and world)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Your Greece stinks our Greece will rock the world

Your Greece is mess I have had to toletare.

Since SEV did not send me back to Brussels in 2017 I will make Greece strong.

Red tape

You can withdraw money from a bank in Greece via:

 - an ATM (cash and credit card)
- a teller, today I found out that a passport does not do the job, you need to have your ID. 

Lost mine in Athens a few weeks ago, reported it to the Kesariani Precinct but need 9 Euros (paravolo) to have a new one issued by the Agios Panteleimon Precinct. Plus a witness (of Greek nationality).

Jarhead: Great Athens flat for a Spartan

I bought this Attaleias 2 flat in 2014 to have a bureaucratic address. Paid: 10,000 Euros.

It is in central Athens, near 2 subway stations and the red light district.


- 1 bedroom facing the street
- a small hallway
- 1 small kitchen
 - 1 small bathroom

Zero monthly building fees
Very low land tax
No heating bills

Asking price: 6,900 Euros
Tel: 0030 6996926825

Also available for purchase: 30 sq.m. (central), 17 sq.m. (Patissia) 20 sq.m. (Ano Patissia), 54 sq. Pagrati-Kesariani-Ilissia). 60 sq.m. house near Markopoulo Oropou. 

Available as a package: 120,000 euros

With Sounthion: 251,000 (Golden Visa for Greece/Schengen of the EU)

OpEd: On Macedonia

Athens, May 25, 2018.

Dear Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the rest of the current New Democracy leading team,  

Cut the bull.

Greece is strong and will get much much stronger.

Therefore there is no reason to spend so much time and money to have Macedonia change its name. Grow up.

Everyone in Greece will have a 650 Euro income guarantee (1).

Nick Panayotopoulos

MIT '85, Northwestern '87, INSEAD '90

cc Prime Minister, Olaf Scholtz, Donald Tusk, Mark Rutte, Emmanuel Macron, NATO

(1) and Macedonia if Greece remains in the EU or joins Greece

Greece, everyone's fave scapegoat no more

Greeks were not lazy.

Greeks are not lazy.

Greeks in Tavros prove it every day.

And that makes lots around the world have envy.


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